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​Equi-kids - Summer Camp

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Equi-kids - Summer Camp

“Lets hold a summer camp” they said, “it will be fun they said” and guess what…. despite the fact we had 8 giggling girls and 8 naughty ponies over night it was without a doubt to quote “The BEST camp ever”

In the run up to camp there had been much deliberation at Equi-Kids Headquarters on a whole mountain of things such as how the camp should run, who should be in which group, where the ponies would go, where our horses would go, what will they eat, will they sleep in the tent, will they even sleep !! But after many conversations, plans written and re-written we finally had an itinery which was sent out to all the excited Equi Mummies who would be leaving their precious Equi-Kids in our very cable able hands.

8.00am Saturday morning the Equi-Kids team woke up from a broken nights sleep and totally shattered after a full day previously of putting up tents ( which took at least 2 hours after much head scratching and a few minor rows! ) Food shopping, setting up show jumping course etc etc etc.

The VERY excited kids with bags … and bags.. and bags of belonging began to arrive and settle their not so excited ponies into their new temporary homes!

8.30am - All children out of site, abandoned ponies and busy mummies getting ponies ready ! After a few rings of the bell they all slowly appeared to hear what the 2 days would consist of …. I am not sure whether they were more excited by the prospect of 1 hour of “ Allisha Fun time” or the group hack but either way, they loved both !

Robyn and Allisha got under way with the teaching - Robyn taking the Jumping lesson and Allisha the ‘“boring flat work”. The flat work was far from boring and featured group riding, mini dressage tests, and riding with no stirrups or hands and some games at the end.

The jumping was fast and furious with the girls flying around with ease by the end of the lesson at heights that they had previously only dreamed of !

Next up was a quick break and then straight into the pool!! Being the youngest and maddest of the gang Allisha and Robyn volunteered to go in with the kids whilst Jo and Nooie were busy preparing lunch and keeping one eye on Allisha and Robyn who although supposed to be sensible adults were encouraging dive bombs and group jumps into the pool!

It did not take long to get them out, dried and dressed once they heard the lunch bell ! A lunch fit for the royal family was served, delicious sandwiches, every flavour crisp possible, fresh fruit and some yummy birthday cake. The Equi-Kids were keen for the next activity which was a “Fun” treasure hunt !! As you can imagine the fun hunt turned into the Rio Olympics 2016 with lots of running, shouting and general competitiveness.

Afternoon lessons were all a success with not 1 faller … I am touching wood as I type ! An evening of fun was had with Liam ( Chef and long suffering supporter of Equi-Kids ) cooking a divine BBQ.

9.30pm Bed time begins ….. 10.30pm bed time is still in full swing… 11.25pm the last toliet stop for the few kids that were still awake was made with one of the girls standing bare foot on a slug letting out a scream that would have you believe she was murdered!!

12.00pm the golden sound of silence was herd !!!

7.30am Equi - Kids alarm goes off after and uncomfortable and restless nights sleep …. there was not a peep coming from the tent next door, Jo and Allisha enjoyed the 10 mins of silence before “Joooooo Allishaaaaaaa are you awake”

Day 2 Begins.

Day 2 was equally as fun with a group hack which in hindsight should have been called a ‘musical hack’ with all the girls big and little singing the whole way round.

After a quick snack break the afternoons Equi-Kids Challenge began which included Showjumping, human show jumping, relay race and swimming!!

The nerves were setting in for some of the girls but they all did a fantastic job with Bella winning overall.

A long play time in the pool with celebratory jumps, lots of laughing and lots of new friendships made Equi-Kids first summer camp was coming to an end !!

Despite the hard work, it was great to hear the girls complaining that it wasn't on for longer and telling their Equi-Mummies how much fun they had !! #proudmoments !!

9.00pm Team Equi-Kids ….. OVER AND OUT !!! 

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