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The real 'Team Equi-Kids'

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We have been giving our blog some serious thought of late and decided that it was about time we gave you a real insight into ‘Team Equi-Kids’. Of course, we have already given a brief overview of who is who on our ‘about us’ page, but really there is so much more to us and so we have decided that our blog should feature all of the trials and tribulations that we face. We are sure there is so much you will relate to, from mischevious ponies to the nightmare of finding a saddle that actually fits! So here it is: the real ‘Team Equi-Kids’

Allisha Coulson & Larry (Affectionately referred to as Larold)

Allisha and Larry are a great combination, we are certain that they are really ‘equine/human’ twins who communicate in their own language. Should Larry appear a little stiff in his stable one morning you can be sure that Allisha will appear on the yard with an equivalent ache. Likewise, if Larry has a bee in his bonnet as he hasn’t been turned out quite early enough in the morning you can guarantee his ‘equine/human twin’ will be experiencing some stress to keep their relationship on an even keel.

Both strong minded and powerful Larry and Allisha are working hard to develop a harmonious and impressive pairing. 2015 saw the start of their showing career with many wins and an impressive county debut at Kent where they qualified for the Supreme Hunter National Championships where they took a top ten placing. This year Allisha who has ridden many a cross country course in her time decided to take Larold around Nurstead Court cross country course, this was Larry’s maiden cross country ride and he really did us proud, after an initial spook and ‘Larold’ moment, he decided it looked like fun and the rest is history.

Larry is a 16.3 British Sport Horse bay gelding who owns the yard. Bred by the Fox Pitts in 2003 Larry has been a fun horse for Jo before Allisha took over the ride.

Jo & Figaro

A 4 year old Figaro arrived in the UK from Holland aboard a huge international transporter lorry which was rocking back and forth, the transporter took great pleasure in telling Jo ‘that’s your one rocking the lorry’ and after a slight “Oh my goodness what have I done” moment, Figaro unloaded and settled surprisingly quickly, after a few minor incidents Figaro is now well established on the yard and settling very well into his training.

“ Unless it neighs and has 4 legs she isn't interested” (Jo’s Dad on Jo)

This is the quote that really sums up Jo - Kids, ponies and puppies.

Jo began riding at a local riding school as a young girl where her love of horses began, every weekend spent working hard and every school holidays exploring every bridal path or track she could find with the rest of the horse mad gang. This love continued well into her teen years where she rode a beautiful dun pony called Cam.

After a short break from riding whilst pregnant with her first child Jo purchased a 5yo Larry who stole her heart from the very first ride. Lots of hacking, lessons and dressage later Jo was ready for Figaro ‘The fancy pants dressage horse’ who can only be likened to the Ferrari of the horse world.

Jo and Figaro are now learning the ropes of the dressage world together and have recently been for their first few play dates in different arenas is preparation for their first competition - With them both boasting conformational perfection and with more style than Posh and Becks we are sure they will do extremely well.

Jemima and her Ponies!

Possibly the cutest combination you will ever meet. Jemima is pony MAD and is currently finding her feet on the showing circuit with the mischievous Sweetie the show pony whilst having lots of fun and games on her first pony Perfect Polly - the pony club pony. This includes standing on her back, vaulting (well, attempting to), riding her through the garden in her home made headcollar bridle and lots of hacking out with her pony club buddies.

Polly is grey sec A mare who is as honest as the day is long - Jemima started riding Polly aged 5 and won many a lead rein class but mummy having to run pretty fast this was never going to last….. Luckily it wasn't long until Jemima was off the lead rein and cantering around wanting to jump the top hole !

Sweetie really does live up to her name, she is a beautiful Show Pony who adores Jemima and Jemima adores her too. They can often be found sharing marmite on toast, strawberries and lollies!! Jemima has been working very hard to establish her partnership with Sweetie and has won lots of local shows whilst they prepare, perfect and polish all aspects ready for next years affiliated show season. 

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