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​Winter Pony and Child Problems!!

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We often wonder why we have horses and possibly sometimes children!! However we do catch ourselves thinking this more and more in the winter months when we a slogging through knee high mud, repeatedly scrapping off 5 inch think mud from our darling ponies who go back out and find the wettest muddiest patch and roll in it all again. Muck out, brush, repeat. Not to mention the muddy school shoes, muddy PE kits and the everyday struggle to get the kids out of bed in the dark!

Then there is the constant decision of what rug to dress our precious ponies in, what if a snow storm hits mid afternoon, what if the sun comes out and temperatures soar into a mini heat wave… it seems the decision can never be made alone there is always the yard debate - What rug are you putting on today ??

Despite all the trauma of the winter months the winter show season commences with indoor arena’s staying unfrozen we stand for hours on end under smelly rugs whilst we watch our prodigy get dragged around and made a total fool of by the “little darling pony” who you just spent 3 hours getting to a acceptable level of clean, plaiting and possible getting frostbite in the process. Then comes the tantrum from the “angel child” who now is refusing to ride ever again and hates you and the pony !

Please tell us that we are not alone with this struggle ??

Luckily the nights are getting slightly lighter and the temperatures dare we say it have started to rise - I mean the arena has only frozen 3 x this week and we have only had to wheel barrow water butts across 5 acres 3 x also…

Before we know it we will be fighting to get the child off the pony to go to bed, struggling to catch the pony because there is too much grass and spending a small fortune on factor 50 for both the precious darlings!! But we all know when they canter round the lap of honour with a red ribbon and a smile fit to burst on their face it will all be worth it !

So next time you want to put your child and their pony on Ebay just hold on tight to the distant memory of the summer sun, daylight and no mud and we promise it will get you through the rest of the dull, boring, muddy winter !!

Equi-kids… who would have them ?? 

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